Fresh and Tasty Blog


We are pleased to announce our facility renovations were completed earlier this year with 14,000 sq. ft.  This expansion includes a wonderful commercial kitchen with plenty of room for our volunteers to slice, dice, chop, sauté and cook. Our new Volunteer Center is a lovely, welcoming space for volunteers to sit, take a break and visit with one another. There is now a designated Delivery room for volunteers to coordinate and bag meals which now makes things seamless for our delivery drivers. Best of all, the renovation did not impact our service to our clients! And for the outside of our building we’re installing new signage. A new Kitchen Angels sign has been installed which clearly identifies our facility. As well as a new Kitchenality sign in bright red which clearly marks our Kitchenality store.


Kitchen Angels is making a difference every day and with every meal. In the third quarter we served 47 new clients and have served over 219 clients this year. Kitchen Angels mission is to provide free, nutritious meals to our homebound neighbors facing life-challenging conditions. Our clients may be in a health crisis, lack the resources for regular meals, and are not eligible for other local meal services. We believe no one in our community who is homebound because of a chronic, surgery-related, or terminal medical condition should ever go without appropriate nutrition. Making sure those in need have enough to eat is simply the right thing to do!


We have started a high protein breakfast pilot program including overnight oats and breakfast bars. Breakfast is a very important meal of the day and we want our clients to begin theirs with a healthy meal.  Overnight oats include a combination of rolled oats, Chia seeds, protein powder, fresh or frozen fruit with a dosage of almond or rice milk. Breakfast bars are easy and convenient to eat anywhere. Ours are made with oats, walnuts, flax seed, coconut, cinnamon, bananas and almond butter. We’re currently delivering breakfast to our clients Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The breakfast program will expand to all regular diet & vegetarian diet clients starting in October. Big thanks to resident Chef Joe!


Our resale retail Kitchenality store now has its own 1,600 square foot expanse which sells a variety of beautiful and useful kitchenware from dishes and cutlery, serving bowls and platters, pots and pans to stemware and fun kitchen gadgets. There’s also Kitchenality aprons and our very own Kitchenality “Seasons of Santa Fe” cook book. We’re looking for donations as well. Please consider us if you have kitchen ware you no longer need. Your donations are gratefully accepted.