Board Member Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor has been a loyal volunteer and Board member wearing several hats at Kitchen Angels since 1998. When Sarah lived in California she owned and operated a kitchen store named The Pan Handler for 20 years. So it made sense in 2015 that she shared in the founding of Kitchenality, an onsite retail store selling gently used kitchenware to support Kitchen Angels. Sarah has always been involved in the Santa Fe community and was inducted as an official Santa Fe Living Treasure in 1998. Because of her passion and volunteerism to help Santa Fe, Sarah is always willing to extend a helping hand. At Kitchen Angels she started with bulk mailing and database entry. Recently she has returned as a Board member now as Secretary. Working with Kitchen Angels has always been her priority, but Sarah has also served on the boards of Santa Fe Habitat for Humanity, Santa Fe Council of Int’l Relations, Friends of the Wheelwright Museum and The United World College of the American West. Sarah is truly a living treasure.