Tony McCarty, Executive Director
Dwayne Trujillo, Vice President of Philanthropy
Karen Price-Coberly, Director of Food Services
Michael Reper, Kitchenality Manager
Lauren LaVail, Program Manager
Michelle Barnes, Client Services Manager
Crystal Hena, Volunteer Coordinator


Darrin Abby, President
Darrin was born and raised in Northern California moving to Santa Fe in 1997.  He’s worked in Financial Services for the past 22 years.  Darrin his wife, Aimee, and daughter, Emma, enjoy the outdoors and usually have one or two Labradors in the house.  He is a past president and member of the Board of Directors for the Española Valley Humane Society. Having a family member who required home care for a number of years opened his eyes to the generous support for people in need offered by communities, friends and family. “I’m very happy to support Kitchen Angels in its mission to help our homebound neighbors.”

Morgan Honeycutt, Co-Vice President
Morgan is a New Mexico native with a life-long passion for helping people. Her legal career has involved immigration work with refugees and asylum seekers, criminal defense as a Public Defender in Albuquerque and family law. A partner at Santa Fe Law Group, Morgan finds that working with people in crisis is both an extremely rewarding and moving experience, although not an easy one. Her legal work translates to the kind of work Kitchen Angels does for the local community such as serving underprivileged populations. In such a capacity this requires dedication, creativity, tenacity, and a deep understanding of human suffering. In her free time, Morgan walks her dog, tries to convince her cat to wear a leash, reads voraciously, and enjoys everything Santa Fe has to offer with her large, rowdy group of friends. As somebody who is dealing with a very ill, aging parent Morgan says “I have a new and different appreciation for the kind of work that Kitchen Angels does in Santa Fe, and I so look forward to contributing what I can to this organization’s bold and loving mission.”

Karen Wolfe-Mattison, Co-Vice President
Originally from Evanston, Illinois, Karen moved to Santa Fe 40 years ago. She started cooking for Kitchen Angels in 2011 and has been a member of the Capital Campaign Committee. Over the years Karen has served on the Rio Grande School board, Santa Fe Prep Booster Club Board, Santa Fe Concert Association board, and Santa Fe Association of Realtors Community Service committee. Karen has been a licensed realtor with Sotheby’s International Realty for 30 years, specializing in residential properties. Her passions include cooking, hiking, cycling, skiing, yoga, and travel. Karen shares, “After a major cycling accident and being homebound for several months, I realized if it weren’t for my dear friends and family I wouldn’t have access to meals. After my recovery I volunteered for Kitchen Angels and felt such joy knowing I could make a difference in so many people’s lives!” She is thrilled that her daughter, who is an OB/GYN, has returned to New Mexico to help women in her practice in Espanola. Karen has two granddaughters.

Elizabeth Pettus, Treasurer
Elizabeth Pettus is a small business owner in Santa Fe. Kitchen Angels provides great, needed food that improves the lives of so many in Santa Fe. Elizabeth enjoys being on the Board because she helps maintain the Kitchen Angels mission and encourages continued growth in assets and financial security, because without security everything else suffers. Kitchenality is a brilliant financing aspect that serves as a remarkable “brand Ambassador” for Kitchen Angels.

Dr. Yash Morimoto, Secretary
Yash believes that being hungry is one of the greatest injustices in the world. Having experienced food insecurities himself, Yash is proud to be part of the governing board for the Kitchen Angels. Yash has lived in Santa Fe since 2002 and his career has focused on addressing the social and economic inequities that exists within our community. He currently serves as an Associate Vice President for Planning and Institutional Effectiveness at Santa Fe Community College. 

Mark Cox
Mark is a fourth-generation New Mexican who was raised in Fence Lake and Silver City, New Mexico. Mark practices civil litigation with the law firm Egolf+Ferlic+Martinez+Harwood in Santa Fe. Prior to moving back to New Mexico to attend law school, Mark worked as a deck-hand on a commercial fishing vessel in Kodiak, Alaska for five summers, which allowed him to travel to over 30 countries. Mark enjoys reading, chess, hiking, and movies. “I believe that no child, person, or family should suffer hunger. I want to be part of a group that helps nourish and sustain our less fortunate community members.”

Ellen Cerreta
Ellen Cerreta is the Associate Laboratory Director for Physical Sciences at Los Alamos National Laboratory.  She previously served as the Division Leader for Materials Science and Technology, the Deputy Division Leader for Explosive Science and Shock Physics (M) and the ALDW High Explosive Safety Program Manager. Prior to joining M-Division, Ellen was the Group Leader for the Materials in Radiation and Dynamic Extremes Group (MST-8) at Los Alamos National Laboratory.  She received her B.S in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Virginia and her M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Materials Science and Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. Ellen has been at LANL since 2001 and her research focuses on the relationship between microstructure and dynamic materials properties.   At Los Alamos, Ellen has led a number of projects to investigate dynamic materials performance and provide insight toward advanced predictive capabilities for strength and damage in extreme environments.  Ellen has served on The Minerals Metals and Materials Society (TMS) and ASM, International Board of Directors and Board of Trustees, respectively. I have lived in Northern New Mexico for over twenty years and I think there is a lot of need.  “I see the enduring, as well as the evolving, mission of Kitchen Angels as one that is consistently evaluating that need and how to best be responsive to it.  I really like that agility.”

Dr. Martha Gandert-Romero
A native New Mexican, Martha served most of her career in higher education in Colorado and California. Her family has been in New Mexico since the 1800s. She and her husband Richard Markwood, also a higher education administrator, retired to Santa Fe in 2004. A former college president, she continues to work with community colleges throughout the country to help students, especially students of color, complete their programs of study. She has three adult children, one of whom lives in Santa Fe, four step-sons and 14 grandchildren. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Santa Fe Community College. Martha shares, “I am excited to join in the important work Kitchen Angels does to provide healthy meals to homebound Northern New Mexicans.”

Valerie Ingram
Valerie has worked in nonprofit and corporate positions in New Mexico for more than two decades. As a consultant, Valerie worked with many local organizations to apply best business practices to the challenges of leading and managing nonprofits.
Now Chief Impact Officer at United Way of Central New Mexico, Valerie serves on a number of boards in Santa Fe to give back to her hometown. A believer in collective impact, Valerie says, “The strength of Northern New Mexico is found when neighbors work together to help each other. That ethic is what draws me to Kitchen Angels.”

Peter Lovato
Peter is born and raised in Santa Fe, NM and has been in the hospitality, tourism, and event planning industries for more than 20 years. Since May 2008, Peter has served Hilton Worldwide as Director of Catering at Buffalo Thunder Resort. Over the last 15 years Peter has served on the Board of Directors for Big Brother Big Sisters of Northern New Mexico, Site Santa Fe Studio and Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival, to name a few. His network of contacts is quite expansive and mutual respect is a thread that runs common in all his relationships including mayors, city managers, state representatives, tribal leaders, the national laboratories and non-profit organizations. Peter has been presented two Hilton Circle of Excellence awards. He adds “Native to Santa Fe, I admire the legacy of dignity and service Kitchen Angels brings to our community.”