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Special Volunteer

Linda Evans is a 24-year volunteer with Kitchen Angels, a Santa Fe nonprofit organization that provides free, nutritious meals to our homebound neighbors who face life-challenging conditions. Linda became involved with the organization when she and her husband, Chuck Gratz, moved to Park Plazas (Luna) in 1994. Q:  Santa Fe has many volunteer opportunities.  Read more ›


Kitchen Angels is making a difference every day and with every meal. In the third quarter we served 47 new clients and have served over 219 clients this year. Kitchen Angels mission is to provide free, nutritious meals to our homebound neighbors facing life-challenging conditions. Our clients may be in a health crisis, lack the  Read more ›


We have started a high protein breakfast pilot program including overnight oats and breakfast bars. Breakfast is a very important meal of the day and we want our clients to begin theirs with a healthy meal.  Overnight oats include a combination of rolled oats, Chia seeds, protein powder, fresh or frozen fruit with a dosage  Read more ›