Client Stories

One of our clients Jacob Proudheart wrote this beautiful and thoughtful poem for our Client Services Manager, Jeanette Iskat.


You told me I was stronger than I let on
I was so hurt, so angry that you couldn’t see, the wilted and broken me
You told me I could accept help
I was so exasperated that you thought I couldn’t do it by myself
You invited me to try out society
I knew you were tricking me into feeling even more insecure
You told me I needed to learn to address and resolve issues
I was blown away that you didn’t know I was to tattered to withstand any pressure, what-so-ever
Not even a year has passed, since I didn’t know

I am taller today, stronger today, happier today
You said I could do it and against my own belief, I am
I was so hurt that you didn’t know
Until I realized, I didn’t know
You saw I was worth the time to say all these things to
I am so glad I listened to you
Strong I became as I refused to let sorrow win
Now here I am, standing tall and proud
Speaking clear and loud
Smiling, seeing, participating in my very own life
Irony brought me so much strife

I didn’t know you were trying to help
I didn’t know that you knew
I didn’t know that you saw
I didn’t know you saw me
I didn’t know there was more than a pile of rubble
I didn’t know you
I didn’t know me
I didn’t believe

My own castle wall that rubble turned out to be
I built it by accepting help
By learning to be proud of me
Looking all around, this beautiful world and accepting town
A singular smile can pick me up when I am down
Instantly switching my used to be frown
Now I know, you knew
You believed I deserved to see
Because of you, the ground no longer captivates me

Thank you for showing me that I didn’t know, that I knew
Thank you for believing in me
Thank you for patiently helping me see
Thank you for hugging me

Most of all,
thank you for showing me,
that I am