Nothing we could possibly say about Kitchen Angels would ever be as eloquent or as heartfelt as the letters of appreciation we receive regularly from our clients. Here are a few excerpts that show the difference Kitchen Angels has made in our clients’ lives.

“I am so grateful for your wonderful service. There are so many times over the past months that I would have gone without had it not been for Kitchen Angels.”

“I am so very thankful for your service, and for all of you who participate, which allows me to manage the very difficult (and if the truth be known, humiliating) situation I find myself in. Your volunteers are so warm and gracious and add a spirit, which means so much for the one feeling poorly and receiving help. It’s a quality hard to measureapart from the excellent food itself, which shows so much care. I cannot conceive of how I’d cope without your help.”

“You have reaffirmed my faith in the goodness of life. Being housebound with very few resources has been extremely challenging to say the least. It seems truly nothing short of miraculous to me that every evening some wonderful person comes to my door and hands me a beautiful dinner.” 

“Kitchen Angels is Santa Fe’s unique and precious gem. How beautiful to give and how blessed to receive.”

“As a single mother of a small child, and also a patient suffering from a life-threatening illness, Kitchen Angels service has been invaluable to my family. The cheery drivers bring a happy moment to our home. They have also brightened our holidays with special baskets and gifts. You cannot grasp the benefit this service brings unless you are a homebound person, like myself.”

“I just wanted to take a moment and say thanks for the beautiful Thanksgiving dinners that were delivered to us! Both my son and I enjoyed them and it meant a lot, especially because volunteers actually made deliveries on Thanksgiving Day.”

“I just underwent back surgery and without you, I would starve. Thank you so much—each and every one of you—for your role in my life. You are truly Angels!”

“You worry over time and road conditions. Is the food still hot? Will the bag spill or tear? Yet, the most important delivery is your caring smile that nurtured my heart.”

“Each meal means so much to me! The program makes my life so much better and easier. I appreciate the security it gives me, and the feeling of being valued. I love the exchanges with the delivery angels.”

“Thank you from the depths of my heart for who you are and all that you do to help make our world a better place. I had no one to help and you and your team were so kind and understanding.”